Daily Archives: 3/7/2008

New Antenna Mounted

Today was interesting in the office. Things went well, and I was busy the whole day, it just was out of the norm for me. I spent time checking support as well as spent some time being the only one in the office. It was weird not having Tara around, but it wasn’t bad like it was two weeks ago. I still missed her, but we survived this time.

Buck came by to show off some new toys – the ZX3 and ZXA5. We played with them for a while and then enjoyed some lunch while talking shop. It sounds like the trip could be to Hawaii or Buenos Aires this year. I’d rather go to Hawaii if I had my pick, but it will be interesting nonetheless. Europe would have been cool, but I guess we’ll save that one for a chocolate run some night.

Since I was in early today, I decided to take off a bit early so i could get home while there was still light to install my ham radio antenna finally. Batch ended up joining me since he was early to Fallbrook and it only took a few minutes. I didn’t get the cable through the existing hole in the house, so I’m probably going to need to cut a new hole as I’ve just got it coming in the window now. I was able to hit GTARC with just 5 watts from my house now and can pick up Murrieta Fire crystal clear. i was hearing the staff at GT tonight as well as the custodians at the high school, so I’d say it is working pretty well.

i think there was something I was supposed to do tonight, but I don’t know what it was. I enjoyed a quiet evening at home, surfing the net, listening to the radio and watching Without a Trace. I got a letter from Tara today, pretty much telling me I’m a slacker. I guess it’s the truth, so I’d better pick up the slack!