Daily Archives: 3/9/2008

A Good Sunday

Today was pretty good and was probably just what I needed. I got a good amount of sleep based on what time I went to sleep and yet had a reasonable amount of time to get ready this morning. I was able to finish the reading for gospel doctrine and then got through most of the priesthood lesson at the stake center before sacrament meeting started. It seemed like all the messages today contained something that I needed to hear. I’m sure they always have something that I need to be working on, but today it seemed exceptionally focused on me, or at least I was able to focus all the talks and discussions on something that I needed to learn or work on.

Truth be told, the last few weeks or months something has seen off. I don’t know if it has necessarily been bad, but it probably hasn’t been great. I’ve been doing all the basics, reading, pondering, praying, etc. daily, but it just seems that something has been missing. I was thinking the other day that this month I will have been in the branch for a year. it had pretty much been a forward or upward movement for most of the time, but lately I’m not sure which way i’ve been moving. I’m hoping that today was the start of the new upward trek. I think part of the problem is that I haven’t been giving the branch my all lately and I have been focusing elsewhere. I think work had been getting some extra focus. After taxes are done this week, I think things can return to normal. We are almost done with many other changes there, so we should be able to start pushing forward there soon too.

It was kind of quiet at the Dowden’s earlier in the afternoon, but it picked up around dinner time. People must have just known when to show up as the food was coming out of the oven. I had a good chat on the radio/net tonight. They are working on setting up a new track of classes and exams so anyone who is interested in getting their ham license, stay tuned. I had a good time talking and playing with some I typically don’t get to spent much time with.

I mentioned to Christina and Brooke tonight at branch prayer that I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to Keith Urban on Thursday. For some reason or another, I’m just not thrilled about going. Maybe it is just because the seats aren’t so good or because there have been too many other things going on. I mentioned that I might sell them and Brooke didn’t like that idea – unless I was selling them to her. Lauren has already expressed interest in going as well (along with Matchbox Twenty – interest noted Lauren), so i guess I’ll just play it by ear as we get closer to Thursday.

I’m thinking it may be about time to start looking into the house situation again. I’m feeling like I need to move to Murrieta one way or the other – either buying or renting. Buying seems like the way to go, but I’m just not sure if I want to buy a house before I’m married and really start putting down roots. Oh the decisions of life.

I think I’m going to work on getting to bed at a reasonable time tonight as I feel that tomorrow is going to be a heck of a day in the office. I’ve got a board meeting to get ready for and I really want to get started on actually doing the taxes now that I’ve almost got all the data ready. I’m going to write back to Tara though before I go to sleep so i don’t get into any more trouble.

Slow Saturday

I should start out by being honest and admitting that I didn’t accomplish much today. i did go for a bikeride, and I did a few things around the house, but I also did a lot of sitting around, playing and surfing facebook. This afternoon I started to get antsy, so I decided I was going to go to Disneyland. I thought Christa would go, but she had other plans. I thought Lauren would be up for going, but she had other plans as well, so it turned out to just be Larilyn and I. We still had fun and tried not to kill anyone. I found out that California Screaming is fun in the front. I guess the train is short enough that you don’t spend too much time waiting for the last car to catch up.

As we were driving home I started craving strawberry lemonade. i had thought about Teal earlier, but I didn’t really want to stop on the way out and they don’t make it convenient to get back to Katella. We ended up stopping in Irvine, and apparently Teal had already gotten the message to our waiter there. He decided to spill a glass or two of water on me since I had managed to escape Disneyland completely dry. (it probably had something to do with both Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates being closed.) Long story short, I didn’t melt and I made it home alive.

That’s it for now. I’m going to sleep as it is way, way, way the heck past my bedtime.