Daily Archives: 3/15/2008

Becky’s Reception

It may be hard to describe what I accomplished today, but it was definitely needed. I got some stuff done around the house and just chilled for most of the day. I even basically forgot my cell phone most of the day and what things I was supposed to be doing, but it was definitely needed after the crazy last few weeks. I hope Nathaniel was more productive today than I was.

Tonight was Becky & James’s wedding reception. It was good and helped me maintain my mellow mood. I enjoyed getting to see Becky and Laura. I spent some time talking with Laura’s parents. It turns out that Scott & Ginger just bought a house in Murrieta right by the stake center, so maybe i will get to see them more often. Becky did a great job with the reception. They had great food and a candy table. I felt bad for not helping her with her music when she asked earlier, but I guess she got it all worked out.

i’ve got a lot to do before church tomorrow morning, so I’d better get to sleep…