Daily Archives: 3/29/2008

Live Free or Die Hard

I just finished watching Live Free or Die Hard. It was pretty good, I just gave it 5 stars at Netflix. Maybe I was just in the mood for action, or maybe it was really a good movie, but I recommend it. It really is scary if you think about what someone could do if they tapped into all of our systems. I know what a nightmare it is when my email doesn’t work for a few hours. Think if it was down for good and you couldn’t work on it while you were sitting in total gridlock traffic!

Do you ever wonder how different life would be if it weren’t for little decisions that we make along the way? I have seriously drifted away from the computer side of things and could be doing so many different things if I had pursed that. Heck, I could have been one of those guys in the movie hacking into things or I could have been someone working against them. I have to think back to what Glen used to say, that’d I’d be one of those making over $1M a year within two years. And look at where I have gone. I’m not saying I have regrets or anything, I just think it is interested to ponder what if sometimes. What if I had stayed in Idaho? What if I was still working at Fallbrook High today? There is a lot to be said for where I am right now, but there is always the lure of something different, something unknown, something more exciting.

This was an interesting week. I didn’t write much, nor did I spent too much time pondering. I really didn’t do much, at least not much that would really be interesting. It looks like I last wrote Monday, so I’ll pick it up from Tuesday where I made it home early enough to go for a bikeride before it got dark. It was great and I’m really glad that I actually did it instead of just sitting around and talking about it all the time. Wednesday I went to the activity at church, foosball which was fairly fun. I just took pictures, and then tried to stay alive when it turned into a crazy soccer game. Thursday I skipped institute to get home and to sleep early so I could be up really early Friday to be in the 6 o’clock session at the temple. It was good to spend the day there and the place was packed. At one point we had more people than would fit in one room, so we had to split up into two groups, and there were probably others that were on a different track already. After the temple I went to BJ’s for Brooke’s birthday party.

I rested most of today, watching TV and just hanging out at the house. I was beat from getting up so early the day before and just the week in general I think. I was thinking that when I go back to Minnesota a week from now, I should make it a point of getting to the St. Paul Temple. I called them today and they’ve got sessions at 6 & 7 p.m. on Tuesday as well as a few Wednesday afternoon. I’m hoping I can make it to one of them somehow. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but hopefully it will all come together. I need to find out what our itinerary is going to be like and see where I can squeeze a session in.