Daily Archives: 4/1/2008

Making Music

We had our first elders quorum presidency meeting tonight. I had a feeling this calling was going to be a lot of work, but I didn’t quite think it through that it would mean less sleep as well too! We couldn’t start till after 8, so we didn’t end till about 10:15. We spent most of the time tonight working on home teaching assignments.

Work went pretty well today. I was able to get payroll done and submitted. I gave up on the whole online thing, I just figured it was going to take way too much work to go through all the steps and it seemed really slow. It is so much easier to call in the time and let them deal with it on their side. The downside of relying on them is that I don’t really get a preview and just have to hope it is all right as compared with doing it myself, but I think I can take that chance for now.

Since I stayed at work late I had to get over that working late hurdle. Around 5:30 it starts to kick in that you’re tired of being there and you’ve really accomplished everything you set out to accomplish that day. So you have to decide what to do. I ended up spending the rest of the evening working on getting the books current and going through the depreciation schedules and such. It was good to get that done and is something that tends to be hard to do during the day because of constant interruptions. I’m taking some time off tomorrow afternoon to go bowling with Sib, so that should help make up for the extra hours I’m putting in elsewhere this week. If anyone would like to join us, you’re more than welcome. I think we’ll be getting started about 2:15.

I went to Men’s Wearhouse this evening to get some new white shirts as some of mine were starting to look worn. Of course I started browsing ties and then decided to ask the stupid question of what killer deals did they have going on right then. They pointed me to some suits and I’ve now got two new ones on the way. This is why I don’t go shopping!

Last night pyro and I made music on hold for our phone system. We had been talking about getting some new music for a long time, but it is so hard to find good royalty free music that is cheap. Pyro finally suggested using GarageBand to make our own music, so we did! It was actually kind of fun. I’m sure if you looked at the time spend on doing it, it would have been cheaper to buy something, but this was more fun and we can say we actually made it ourselves!