Daily Archives: 4/5/2008

Melissa’s Birthday, Bon Jovi & Walking

It’s way past my bedtime, but I figure since I didn’t write last night for a similar reason, I’d better get on it for tonight. I was only in the office for a few hours Friday after rolling in late and then taking off early for Melissa’s birthday bash. It was great hanging out there and the day couldn’t have worked out better for her birthday pool party. It had been cool and rainy all week and then was about 80 on Friday. It cooled down again today to about 60, so someone must really like Melissa, not that I could blame them. In any event, the party went well.

I was kind of slacking on the whole coming up with a plan for Bon jovi that night. I ended up starting to send text messages to people who i thought might be interested and Megan D. jumped on the Bon Jovi fan bandwagon. Did I mention this was at the time that we needed to be on the road? I picked her up and we hightailed it to In-N-Out and then the Honda Center. We ended up missing Daughtry by the time we got parked and into the center, but I was ok with that. Bon Jovi was great, especially since I’m not a huge fan or anything. They were good entertainers and put on a good show. They had a cool set with these awesome LED screens that kept moving around. They started as four independent screens and then merged together two form two widescreens. At one point they all came together to form an ultimate widescreen and then started separating horizontally which was really trippy.

After the concert we tried to visit Teal, but she wasn’t serving tables any longer so we tried not to torture another waitress at Cheesecake Factory Anaheim. I really love their strawberry lemonade. I think I’m over the cheesecake and it is all about the strawberry lemonade now. Megan had a blast. We finally made it home, with me getting home around 2:30.

Nine o’clock rolled around way too fast this morning and it seemed like a long way to go to my TV to watch general conference. I had a hard time finding it at first, but finally was able to figure it out along with how to schedule a manual recording. Between sessions i took a shower and ate a snack. After the second session I went to Target to get some stuff for the trip and went to the office to copy my Parallels Image to my external drive. I ended up leaving the drive there copying as I ran out to get to the priesthood session of conference, so I’ll have to swing back by tomorrow before we leave or I will have no Windows access at all on my laptop!

I don’t really have much to report from conference. I think I was still sleeping during the first session and was busy packing/playing with luggage during the second session. It didn’t seem there was anything really new or life shattering in priesthood, but I got that we are doing fairly well with responding to emergencies and needs, that we need to make sure we don’t let our compass slip a few degrees or we will crash and burn and that we shouldn’t be doing anything we don’t want our kids to be doing. I guess that phrase “don’t do this at home” doesn’t really work?

After conference i went to Oceanside. We walked the pier and along the coast and talked. We stopped at Chili’s for a daiquiri and I enjoyed some skillet queso for dinner. It was great fun, but I was probably out too late since I figure I need to be up at 6 to get ready and packed for my flight. If I had it to do over again though, I’d do the same thing, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, especially since it isn’t going to do me any good, right? I’m pretty sure that was the most walking I’ve done since I was in Salt Lake around New Year’s. So I guess we need to get out and do it more often or something.