Daily Archives: 4/6/2008

Hello from Minneapolis

We made it to Minneapolis today and it was fairly uneventful. I just didn’t really like traveling on Sunday, but I guess there wasn’t much of a better option.  I am disappointed that I missed conference, but I know I can and will catch up as soon as they post the materials online. The flights were packed, but it was ok for me both times. On the second flight my reading light kept flickering on and off as it so desired, so it made reading hard as it got darker, but I was able to get some good time in. I didn’t really get to talk to anyone on the planes. The girl I sat next to the first time was sleeping the whole time and the woman the second time had headphones in before I even got on the plane.

It is on the colder side her, but not too bad from the little bit I saw. The hotel seems alright. We sat and talked at the get together at TGI Friday’s once we got here and got to know some of the people we will be spending the next few days with. I guess we will just see what comes tomorrow.

I was kind of thinking about trying to find someone else to do tomorrow while everyone goes bar/club hopping. I was thinking maybe I could find an FHE group and hang out with them, but maybe I will give the guys a chance and can always take a taxi out when things get bad.

If anyone knows of things that absolutely need to be done while I am in Minneapolis, MN, please let me know so I can make sure to do them. So far the only things on my list are the St. Paul Minnesota Temple and the Mall of America.