Daily Archives: 4/8/2008

Mall of America

Today went went through a lot of Dynacord products and briefly touch on Midas and KT. I think some of the things we talked about were way above the level that most MI people are or that they may aspire to be at, but it is good information for them to know. The unfortunate part is that some of it is quite dry, like how to compare an amplifier and why you can’t just rely on some spec such as watts to really determine the best purchase to make.

We ran a little late, so I didn’t get back in time to get my car, so I’ll have to deal with it in the morning which means I now need to get up even earlier. Nathaniel and I went to the mall this evening to check things out. I really wasn’t impressed with the Mall of America. If you take away the amusement park, the theater and restaurants you really just have a mall. My only guess is that people here in Minnesota don’t want to have to go outside when it is cold and want to spend as much of the day/time as possible inside one building. I guess going to one place where you can eat dinner, watch a movie and then do some shopping could be attractive to some people, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the extras there, I guess i was just expecting more. There did seem to be some stores that you maybe wouldn’t see in a typical mall (I’m no expert). I think we have such a variety of stores already in our California malls that it just doesn’t seem too different here.

The Apple store was old school style, with a theater and actual registers. I tried to take a picture, but the manager stopped me telling me that they don’t allow pictures in the store. What kind of marketing is that? Is there something secret about their stores? Do they not want me to promote their stores and products?