Daily Archives: 4/10/2008

St. Paul Temple

It’s late and while I wanted to skip this, I think I should probably just get it going. We finished up the training yesterday spending some more time with Midas and then went outside to hear the Cobra system and some other pieces. We hung out for a while and then I drove to the St. Paul Temple. It was weird with it being in a totally almost invisible location. I couldn’t even see it until I was there and saw it sticking out like a beautiful white temple in the midst of old red brick buildings. Things went well there, although the workers outnumbered those in attendance by well more than I could count and I think they were all gone when I left. The place was deserted, it was really weird, but nice to just sit there all alone.

The flights home went well. We managed to get exit row seats on both flights, which was way better than the seats we had on the first flight in the last few rows. I was getting really antsy on the first flight, but had no where to go. Our flight back to Ontario was mostly empty so it helped that there wasn’t people squished in everywhere.

I slept till 10 or 11 this morning and then went to work. I was actually able to get caught up on most of my email as well as the snail mail and should be able to finish up and get back on track tomorrow.