Daily Archives: 4/15/2008

Dinner and a House?

Today went well in the office. I kept myself busy and was able to get my desk somewhat cleared off from the huge mess I left there last night after our meetings. I found out what has been going on with Tara and feel that I need to be there in the morning so she isn’t alone there.

I went to the Rodriguez’s for dinner tonight. It was just the three of us and a lot of great food. We had lasagna and some vanilla cake with strawberries. We talked and then went to see their new house. I really like what they’ve got. The location isn’t the first that I would choose, but I guess that’s why they say location is key. It is actually great as they have no one behind them and have some darnkness at night. I could actually see stars looking out their back yard as there were no houses or street lights to get in the way.

We got to talking earlier about houses. Shelly seems to really think that I should get my act together and buy. I expressed my worry about getting a house that my wife wouldn’t like and she said that if the girl doesn’t like it, that should be a sign to move on. I thought about it more later and while I agree on that front, what if the girl is in another state? I would never expect her to move out here. Shelly suggested that if I decided to move I should keep the house here as a rental so that I also had a chance of being able to get back into the California market if I (we) decided to return. I remember my mom having that problem, selling her condo here to buy the house in Arizona and then not being able to afford anything when she was toying with returning to Southern California. So maybe it is time that I get my act together and start house shopping again. I am ready to move and I’m ready to have my own place, so even if they go down a bit more, it may be worth it in the long run. She also mentioned that they offered 50k less than the asking price and the bank took it, so maybe there is hope out there.

We also got to talking at one point about what I was looking for. I thought she meant in a house, but she meant in a wife. I’m not really sure – maybe that is my problem. I don’t think I have ever developed a list beyond piano, faithful, following the counsel of priesthood leaders, good communicator and most importantly someone that can put up with me. Maybe I need to work on that for the next week. I think Lauren S. has a pretty long no no list, maybe I need to start there.