Daily Archives: 4/18/2008

Stir Crazy

I continued my getting to the office plan the rest of the week. I was the first one there Wednesday and Thursday, but I slacked off today and both Tara and Batch beat me there! Today went much better than I was expecting after going stir crazy yesterday afternoon. I was pretty busy most of the day and then left around 4:30. I came home and hung out for a while before Alison and I decided to go to dinner. We were going to go to Benihana’s but were going to have to drive to Anaheim or wait way too late to eat here in San Diego. While driving to Anaheim wasn’t out of the question, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that, drive to San Diego tomorrow and then back to Anaheim on Monday possibly.

We ended up at Claim Jumper. Shortly after we got there I got a message from Maegan that she was going to come to the bowling thing tonight, so Alison and I accompanied her and Michelle to the bowling alley where we met up with Zach and the crew. Alison and I had made a pact to be home by 10, so we didn’t end up actually doing any bowling, and just watched the first round or so. It would have been fun to see the rest of the game through; I just didn’t want to be out till 11 bowling.