Daily Archives: 4/20/2008


I didn’t do much yesterday morning and I enjoyed it. I went to the temple for a 5 o’clock session before our baptistery assignment. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Riders and Mattson’s there. We had a good session.

We had a great turnout for the baptisms, so much in fact that the Riders, Dowden’s and I decided to go to sealings. I had never had the opportunity to do that before. It was interesting to see the process of a sealing and it was amazing to take the place of someone for them to be sealed to their parents. Some of the others in the room with us were doing sealings for their direct ancestors, like parents and grandparents. That was pretty powerful.

Today was good. I taught Elders Quorum which I think went well. I could have used more preparation, but I made due with the time that I had.

I’m not sure if Mandi and I are going to Disneyland tomorrow.

I guess I just need to go to bed…