Daily Archives: 4/22/2008

Sense of Accomplishment

I feel like I’ve accomplished stuff today. Actually, really just this afternoon, but I’ll start at the beginning. I was uber tired this morning and got a bit of a late start. Would it be fair to blame that on Shelly who was text messaging me way past my bedtime last night? Probably. The office phone was ringing before I even left the house so I stayed around to cover the phones until people got in the office and then headed there myself. I kept myself busy most of the day without letting more than a handful of messages accumulate in my inbox. It is so weird (and incredibly nice) to have no messages left to deal with and I’m finding great success with marking messages for followup on certain days and then filing them.

I left work a bit earlier than normal, after putting in a full day to come home and go for a bikeride. I was having second thoughts as I was getting close to home. I knew I needed to get out there and go, so I made it happen even though I didn’t want to at times. I had a good ride and got to see some cute little baby birds going for a walk. It was nice to take a break and just enjoy nature for a few minutes. Maybe I need to do that more often.

Once I got home, I started cleaning out my closet. The boys mentioned that it would be nice to have another shelf unit and discovered that I had one still at home. It was giving some organization to the closet, but also accumulating junk so I was half happy to see it go. It gave me a chance to clean some things out and rearrange. I think I have a few things that I need to throw away, some to give away and one or two to try to sell. In the process I cleaned up a corner of my room and while it isn’t perfect, it is a huge improvement over what it was. I keep thinking about cleaning, but then tell myself that there is no point if I’m going to move soon and have a whole house to clutter up! Maybe I can get through the stuff on my desk tomorrow night.