Monthly Archives: May 2008

Sleeping In

I slept in till like 9:30 or 10 this morning, it was amazing. I don’t even know where it came from. I was awake at 5 something like usual and then next thing I knew it was after 9:30! I immediately jumped out of bed to be lazy watching TV while eating breakfast. I spent what little I had left of my free time looking at houses and pondering things to teach elders quorum tomorrow. I also enjoyed our left overs from Ruth’s Chris last night and then went to the Boys and Girls Club Auction to take pictures. I also got to try and play computer technician, but wasn’t able to solve the software problem Larilyn was having.

Boring Houses

Long story short, I’m up way past my bedtime. Work went well and then I went house shopping. Angela showed me a bunch of things, but nothing jumped out as I need to buy this like Longbranch did. Wandering looks ok, and would be good, but I think it is a bit overpriced. Some of the other houses needed work except for one which probably already has offers on it. One house had great potential, but needs probably 50-100k worth of work put into it. The previous owners took everything they possibly could, including the appliances from the kitchen and the hardware off the cabinets. They even took some of the cabinets!

I cane home and changed to try to make it to the temple for the 5 o’clock session. Unfortunately, traffic wasn’t cooperating and while I got really close, once I hit the 5 I was stuck and I didn’t make it on time. It was 5:15 before I even got into the temple, so I ended up going for the 5:30 session. David ended up being in the 5:30 session, so that was cool. There was a great turnout for the baptisms.

Midnight Madness

EV did their Midnight Madness show this evening. There were some good deals, but not being a stocking kind of company, there wasn’t much we could afford to pick up. We did get some stuff for some jobs we have coming up and I ordered some CP4000s to build a new monitor rack with so we can kiss away the XTI’s.

Institute was good tonight as always. I’m not sure what else to report, and its past my bedtime, so I’m going to cut it short here. Temple trip – baptisms – tomorrow if anyone is available to join. It sounds like we may be down a bit in attendance, so we could use those that are able and willing.

On to the Next

Well, I just can’t believe that there were 17 offers on the house and that it sold for $40k over asking price. Of course, I don’t know what the distribution was, I could be #2 in line or I could be the lowest offer on the house! There are some others that are similar, but I don’t think they carry the upgrades, or probably the views. Angela found a house right near the office that she wants to see, but it isn’t even in the MLS yet and there was no lockbox, so we couldn’t get in to see it. It might be nice to only be a few minutes from work since I do go there so often. I could walk to work from there or at least ride my bike and still go home for lunch!

Other than the house thing, I finished up the quotes I had been working on and got them out the door.

I went for a bicycle ride tonight, and didn’t take enough breaks because the flies were crazy. Every time I began to stop they would start to swarm, so I pretty much just did the standard route without stopping which really tired me out. … I keep thinking about getting better at calling people when driving, but all to often it seems that is my time to ponder or I am waiting for something else to happen.

Seventeen Offers

And it went for $40k over asking price, wow! I guess I’ll just be waiting for the next one. That really is about the price that the house should have gone for, it was way too good to be true at the lower price. On the bright side, I’m sure the one on either side will be for sale soon!

Busy Day, No News

I had a pretty busy day at the office today. It was kind of quiet, but I was swamped trying to get through some quotes that needed to get out. Alison and I went to lunch at Olive Garden and then I went to check out the new parking garage at the mall. Actually, i was trying to go to Hallmark, but I think I got distracted by the new garage and therefore thought Hallmark was in the mall. When I walked in and couldn’t find it on the directory, I realized it wasn’t in the mall! Oh well, I got back in the car, found the Hallmark and a card and then finally got back to work.

No news on the house. We probably won’t hear anything till Friday, which I guess isn’t all that far away now. There are some similar houses on the market (same layout), but they are all much more expensive and don’t seem to have the same upgrades. They probably also aren’t in as good of condition, so I’m not sure what I’ll do if I don’t get this one other than going and making low ball offers on the others. At least I’ll have a good comp to compare it to!

I was going to try and go for a ride tonight, but figured once I got home that i was just going to be lazy instead since I didn’t get an early start. I’m hoping to make it home early enough tomorrow to get one in.

Move It or Loose It

I woke up this morning and got right to work after breakfast and a quick relaxing session of cleaning my room. I’ve been thinking about doing it for some time now and have had the attitude: what’s the point in cleaning it, I’m going to move soon. It finally hit me that in order to move, I need to clean! So, I started and found it a heck of a lot easier to clean with the attitude that either it gets thrown away or I move it to the new house. And I don’t want to move junk to the new place just to throw it away the next time I move.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem like I threw all that much away, yet I was able to clean up quite a bit. I still have a long way to go and will probably start bringing boxes home from work shortly to start packing some stuff that I don’t need. Then again, if I don’t need it, maybe I should dispose of it!

I guess the party at the Batchelor pad fell apart, and I didn’t make it to the Mattson’s. It was 3 o’clock or something when Megan called me which was about when I realized it was past time to be there if I was going to be there. At that point, I was in the middle of a horrendous mess, so I couldn’t just jump up and go and I figured that by the time I got there, it would have been about time to come home for our holiday dinner here. So, long story short, I was lazy and didn’t leave the house at all today. I did want to spend some time curled up with a good book after I woke up to it raining this morning, but that never seemed to happen other than my brief daily reading in the Book or Mormon.

After dinner, I decided to make cookies for two reasons. One, I didn’t want to sit around and do nothing, nor did I want to continue cleaning and two, Tara mentioned cookies, so i figured it would be a good birthday present. I was going to make chocolate chip cookies when Susan showed me a recipe she just pulled out of the paper for something similar to a pizookie. I decided we’d give it a try, hoping for the best. I think they turned out OK, but I’m not sure if they are really supposed to be as gooey as they are inside. I put them in the freezer tonight to see if that will at least help solidify the gooey goodness. I also made snickerdoodles so we’d have a backup in case things feel apart completely with the new Dot’s pizookie wannabe.

That’s about it for today. I was thankful to have a day off after having to work Saturday. I’m hoping this short week goes well and we can get some more of these tentative things booked and move on.

The offers are supposed to go to the bank tomorrow, so let’s hope that I have the high offer and will be a homeowner in thirty days!


I really want to know about the house. I don’t think I can wait till Friday! I hope the bank gets their act in gear and lets me know either way soon. Of course I would like for it to be an affirmative we’ve accepted your offer so we can get this show going, yet even if I’m not going to get it I’d like to know so that we can move on to the next one.

Things went pretty well today. Zach and I decided not to meet up this morning and work on home teaching, so I had some extra time at home to get things organized which was nice. PEC and the block went well, really nothing to report.

I left the Dowden’s after dinner to go hang out with Kim and then we went to branch prayer. We missed the thought and prayer, but got to hang out with people, including the new branch shepherds from the Los Alamos ward, the Diffley’s.

I’m not sure what to do with myself tomorrow. We’ve got the activity at the Mattson’s in the afternoon. I was thinking about going to the temple in the morning. We are going Friday, so I’m not sure if I need to go Monday or just make sure that I am there on Friday and that way save on some gas. I’m trying to figure out what to do for Tara’s birthday on Wednesday. I’m thinking maybe about baking cookies and FedExing them to her. I guess that could keep me out of trouble in the morning and give me something to take to the Mattson’s.

If anyone reading this would like to join in the festivities tomorrow, please let me know. We’ll be playing in the pond with the zip line and slide and will have volleyball and ping pong as well as other misc activities. It is always a great time up there.

P.S. Happy Birthday Christa!

Houses and Weddings

Well I went and saw the Longbranch house today. The place is great. I’m glad things didn’t work out with Eucalyptus, or at least don’t look like they are going to as I don’t have to compromise on anything major in this house. It has my laundry room upstairs, separate dining and living rooms and two bedrooms in addition to the master with their own bath which could be great for renting to make some extra cash. The location is a bit better to with it being easier to find and at a higher elevation. The lot isn’t quite as big, and it doesn’t have a pool, but those are small sacrifices for this great of a house. I kind of wish it had double ovens, but that can be fixed when the oven dies like we did here in Acacia.

The weddings went well and we were able to do both of them outside. We had a bit of drizzle, but nothing to ruin the day. That pretty much took most of my day, so I don’t have anything else to report. This house hunting has been consuming me this week and all I do is think about things that I will need to do, what needs to be purchased and what is or is not worth moving. I keep thinking that maybe I could sell such and such instead of moving it. That probably would have been a good plan years ago when I replaced my TV, but no one wants to buy a 27″ CRT TV anymore…

I watched I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry tonight. It was mildly funny. I liked the message of friend sticking together and going above and beyond the line of duty, I probably could have done without some of the stuff in there too.

High Offer

Well they came back today and said that we had the best price by $400, but wouldn’t give us anything on paper to prove that they had an offer of $335,500. Things just seemed too fishy for me to go through with it, so I decided that I wouldn’t sign anything more and I think maybe tomorrow we will walk away. Our offer expires on the 3rd day, tomorrow, so it is probably a mute point anyway. I think in the future we will only give the buyer 48 hours to respond so they can’t continue to wait for a better offer. And I don’t think we will be doing this incremental offer thing and will go back to the traditional offer a single price scenario.

I am really excited about this other house. I’m almost expecting it to be a dump, but the comps show that the price is right, so maybe we can get in on it. We started to figure out tonight exactly how to get the funds for the down with the best financial result.

The wedding tonight was inside due to rain which was OK with me. It allowed me to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer looking at houses. I hope tomorrow’s AT weddings aren’t rained out as I don’t want to deal with doing them in the tent. I guess I really shouldn’t complain and should just count my blessings and get to sleep!

36634 Longbranch Ave

I totally love this house, at least from what I can see so far. I almost think something has to be wrong with it, but at the same time the comps actually support the price. It even makes it sounds like the laundry room is upstairs!

36634 Longbranch Ave, Murrieta, CA 92563

Let’s hope! I’m going to try and go see it between weddings tomorrow.

And no, you can’t go make offers on it now!


Well, no news on the house. For the record, we offered $335, $10k over the asking price. At this point I’m now kind of hoping that we don’t get it and we can move onto something else. Of course, we are already working on trying to find something else and see what comes up. There are enough downers to the house that I won’t be sad if I don’t get it and I’m not opposed to waiting until the right thing comes on the market at some point.

We had some amazing thunderstorms today. They were a good reminder of the great ones we had constantly in Idaho. We were sitting in the office this morning and heard some rumblings. Eventually we went outside to check it out and decided it was thunder. A few minutes later it started raining, then pouring. The streets were flooded within minutes and I got a good car wash. It was raining so hard that the water coming down from the roof in a 3″ pipe was shooting about two feet out at the bottom, only inches off the ground. Water was also coming in the vents on the side of the skylight, either from so much water being up on the roof or it raining at a weird angle.

I got a letter from Tara tonight that said she had an investigator add me as a friend on facebook. The only problem is I don’t know who it was and I’m afraid that I may have ignored the friend request without knowing who it was. I can’t seem to find any way to get back to them and don’t even have a record of who it would have been to go back and ask them. I’ll just have to ask Tara and wait and see I guess.

it’s getting late and there is no rest for the weary this weekend, so I had better get to sleep with a long day ahead tomorrow.

Made an Offer

Well, I made an offer on a house tonight! It’s kind of scary and fun at the same time. Scary in that I don’t know what I’m getting myself into and fun in that I’m ready to get going! I went and looked at houses this morning and found two that were great. One of them I totally would have bought on the spot if it wasn’t on the freeway. If I took out a piece of the back wall I could drive straight onto the 215. It was fairly quiet in the house, but quite noisy in the backyard, to the point where one couldn’t do a BBQ or even probably open the windows at night. It has an amazing kitchen and is a steal of a deal at $280.

The other one has a good kitchen and a good layout. Has nice tile throughout and only needs carpet done in a few bedrooms and some appliances. It has a pool and a fully landscaped back yard, which is a huge plus. It is a little more than I wanted to spend at $325, but it seems so worth it. I will have to rent a room to pay for it or come up with some other creative way of making the payments, so I guess I need to start looking for some renters. The bathrooms are a little smaller than they could be, and you have to walk through the laundry room in from the garage which is a big negative. Fortunately, it has some extra room so I think I could live with it. Well, i hope I could since I made an offer on it! The other home had a beautiful laundry room upstairs with tons of cabinets and counter space along with a sink.

That was pretty much my day today. I spent some time at the office to make sure I was on top of things and stopped by the activity at church tonight to see what was going on there.