Slacking on the Writing

OK, so I haven’t been writing much this week. In part, there hasn’t been much to write. I also know that is just an excuse and there is always something to write about. That’s what forcing yourself to write every night will teach you: to make something up if nothing really happened. No, that’s not true. Something always happens, even on the most routine of days. The problem is typically that I’m not willing to take the time some nights to actually figure out what interesting things happened during a day that I’m calling boring.

It was an interesting week with it being a short week in the office for me since I took off Monday. I was fairly busy all of the week, but it still hasn’t been the busy like I’m used to. Looking at the financials, our sales are definitely down and we need to come up with a plan to turn that around. We’ve been working on quoting a bunch of things, but quotes don’t pay the bills.

I’ve been looking at houses on redfin and have found a few that might have some potential. Actually, there was a fire in Murrieta behind one of them today! I was looking at satellite imagery of where a brush fire was and thought I recognized one of the houses/lots. Sure enough, it was one I had looked at. (The house wasn’t on fire, just some brush in a nearby greenbelt.) I’m thinking in the next few weeks I will work on getting prequalified for a loan and then maybe go look at some houses. I’m ready to get moving on this project. Of course, I’m a little cautioned by the drop at work, but I have faith that  it will work out – we just need to retool and push forward.

I didn’t make it to Disneyland on Friday with Lauren and her gang as was planned Thursday night. When I got into the office (to take care of the funds transfer for payroll), I ended up having to deal with WaMu for more than a half hour as they wouldn’t let me do a transfer between my accounts. I also found that Paychex had tried to debit our account when there were no funds in there, the idea behind the account, for something they shouldn’t have been charging us for. To their surprise, the transaction was returned and we were charged for a NSF transaction. After getting the ball rolling with that and getting payroll squared away, it wasn’t going to be worth the drive to Disneyland since I had to be back for a wedding that afternoon. Tara was trying to get me to go out and do something instead of staying at work. We couldn’t come up with anything and I actually was able to be somewhat productive in the office. Tata had suggested taking Mandi (as she was the only one she knew of who had the day off) to the beach, the zoo, the mall, etc, yet none of them sounded all that appealing.

Thursday, Tata was trying to convince me that I needed to get my act in gear and get married. She said that if I didn’t have a date on Friday night, I should be at the single’s dance. I tried to explain that the whole dance thing just wasn’t going to happen, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I finally got off the hook by telling her that if she got me out of the wedding, I would come up with a date for date (Friday) night. Fortunately, she didn’t come up with someone to work a wedding, so I didn’t have to come up with a date and was able to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home. I really do enjoy quiet evenings at home by myself probably a bit too much.

Today I watched too much TV. So much in fact that my DVR started at 99% full and when I finished I think it was close to 30%! It helped that I was able to delete a bunch of programming with only watching a few minutes of it to figure out that I had already seen the episodes. This evening I watched 1408, a movie about a haunted hotel room. It was fairly interesting, I’d give it 3/5 stars and while not really scary, it kept my interest, which can be hard after a day of watching TV already. I keep thinking that I need to watch less TV and spend more time reading, but I haven’t put that plan into action yet. Heck, I haven’t even seen, heard or read the Sunday sessions of conference from a month ago now!