Adjusting to the Quiet

I still don’t think I’m adjusting well to things being slower at work. Its like I sit around waiting for something to happen instead of really getting into a project and working on it until I am done. I just know how to handle myself better when I have to multi task I guess than when I have time to think about what to work on. Maybe it is just that I have more time to do things that I’m not used to doing or that I don’t really want to do.

In any event, I made it through the day and even stayed late at work putting some product online (ZX3, ZXA5, Eliminator Series). I’m working on rounding up our offerings online as there are so many gaps in existing product lines that it amazes me. And yes, I want to go to Maui, so the more EV we put up, hopefully the higher chance that we will sell more of their stuff and earn more trips! I really wish I could figure out how to sell some of the bigger ticket items online instead of having our sales be dominated with low ticket price items. Maybe it is an establishment thing and once we are a bit more established we will see more sales in total and more of higher dollar items. It’s just hard to sell ourselves on a webpage…

FHE was interesting tonight. Mike did a good job bringing a lesson together at the last minute and it was interesting to talk about how we are saved. I think the short story was by grace after all that we do (works). I must admit I was busy text messaging during most of it.

Zach and I worked on getting some home teaching stuff nailed down tonight and have some more work to do, as we always will.