Good Week

So, I haven’t written in almost a week. I got back into the trap of telling myself that nothing interesting happened during the day, so there was nothing to bore everyone with writing instead of finding something good to write about. In any event, the past week went well. Business was fairly good, nothing major, but we had a good number of smaller orders and were able to clear some stock out of inventory which is like cash in the bank practically. I noticed that I was pretty antsy most of the week, which I attribute to not getting enough exercise lately. I’ve just been having problems sitting still and focusing, especially later in the day.

I was planning on going for a ride Saturday evening. Just as I was getting ready to go I got a phone call that someone didn’t show at GT. We’re not sure where the communication broke down, but I drove down there to get a wedding going. They probably could have done it without me, but I didn’t want us to be the reason to holdup a wedding.

We had a good discussion tonight at the Dowden’s. I can’t remember anything concretely enough to write it down, but there is some interesting pondering I need to do.