Disneyland & House Hunting

I’ve gotten behind again. There were some late nights when I didn’t think I had the time to write, and then there was just the laziness and getting wrapped up in having to watch TV constantly instead of actually being productive with the time which I have been given.

Disneyland on Thursday was fun with Ashley and Lauren. I couldn’t figure out where I knew her friend Lauren from and then it finally hit me as I was driving home. I met her the night Maegan dragged me to the night at the Oscar’s event in Vista. Lauren and Maegan were hanging out together, and I even believe I spent a good portion of the evening holding her purse. In any event, we had fun. Lauren hadn’t been there in six years and had never been on Tower of Terror. Ashley didn’t want to go, but we forced her into it. We actually were able to walk right onto Tower of Terror which I have never done before – like literally right into the library and then from there to an elevator! Lauren loved it, so we went again while Ashley recovered.

We met up with Tara and some of her friends, then the girls (Ashley and Lauren) left and Batch joined us. Batch and I went to Cheesecake where I had the best orange chicken I have ever had in my life! Tara and David got lost in the two blocks from Disneyland to The Cheesecake Factory, so it ended up just being Batch and I. It was after 10 when we got out of there. I had to talk my way out of the parking garage because I was over the free time by one minute. I tried to explain to the parking lot attendant that if there wasn’t a huge line of cars to get out, I would have been fine. He didn’t like that idea so I demanded to speak with a manager. After it was made clear that I wasn’t going anywhere but forward, he decided to let me through.

Things got crazy in the office on Friday. I don’t remember what exactly now, but I remember being busy which is abnormal for a Friday. I had a real estate agent call and check up on me and we decided to go out and look at houses this week. I got pre-approved for the loan today so when I find the right house I’m that much closer! We looked at a few out in French Valley today. I explained to Angela that I’m not really interested in living out there, I just like the Veranda Model 4. There are a couple great looking (from the web) homes out there, some of which just seem too good to be true and therefore probably are.

The ham radio class went about as expected on Saturday. Nobody was there when it was supposed to start. As Jeff and I were talking and packing things up, a father and son showed up. We spoke for probably a half hour about some of the basics before we sent him on his way and scheduled a new date for a class and exam.

Since I had some time on my hands Saturday morning, I decided to try and nail down exactly what it is that I like so much about Veranda model four. I think it really comes down to the kitchen and the laundry room. It might really just be the laundry room! I love that place! I guess I like the way it feels from the street as well and how much room there seems to be in the kitchen and the layout there. I also looked at the big development at the NE corner of Clinton Keith and I-15. I didn’t really like much there. I did find the KB Home development, Monticello II to be nice and liked the model four they have, but am thinking there are some better deals out there on resales.

I’ll have to get caught up on Sunday and such tomorrow. Good night!