Busy Day, No News

I had a pretty busy day at the office today. It was kind of quiet, but I was swamped trying to get through some quotes that needed to get out. Alison and I went to lunch at Olive Garden and then I went to check out the new parking garage at the mall. Actually, i was trying to go to Hallmark, but I think I got distracted by the new garage and therefore thought Hallmark was in the mall. When I walked in and couldn’t find it on the directory, I realized it wasn’t in the mall! Oh well, I got back in the car, found the Hallmark and a card and then finally got back to work.

No news on the house. We probably won’t hear anything till Friday, which I guess isn’t all that far away now. There are some similar houses on the market (same layout), but they are all much more expensive and don’t seem to have the same upgrades. They probably also aren’t in as good of condition, so I’m not sure what I’ll do if I don’t get this one other than going and making low ball offers on the others. At least I’ll have a good comp to compare it to!

I was going to try and go for a ride tonight, but figured once I got home that i was just going to be lazy instead since I didn’t get an early start. I’m hoping to make it home early enough tomorrow to get one in.