On to the Next

Well, I just can’t believe that there were 17 offers on the house and that it sold for $40k over asking price. Of course, I don’t know what the distribution was, I could be #2 in line or I could be the lowest offer on the house! There are some others that are similar, but I don’t think they carry the upgrades, or probably the views. Angela found a house right near the office that she wants to see, but it isn’t even in the MLS yet and there was no lockbox, so we couldn’t get in to see it. It might be nice to only be a few minutes from work since I do go there so often. I could walk to work from there or at least ride my bike and still go home for lunch!

Other than the house thing, I finished up the quotes I had been working on and got them out the door.

I went for a bicycle ride tonight, and didn’t take enough breaks because the flies were crazy. Every time I began to stop they would start to swarm, so I pretty much just did the standard route without stopping which really tired me out. … I keep thinking about getting better at calling people when driving, but all to often it seems that is my time to ponder or I am waiting for something else to happen.