Daily Archives: 6/1/2008


I’ve been pondering a lot this weekend, probably more than usual and I love it. And I’m talking about more than what I wrote about the last few nights. I think a good portion of it had to do with looking for a lesson for elders quorum today and maybe I’ve also just had a bit more quiet time. I’ve pondered topics such as courage, traditions, being an example, worthiness, blessings or gifts, preparing, marriage, etc. I’ve really been all over the board.

We talked tonight at branch prayer about striving for perfection. I think it hit me tonight that the problem with being comfortable is that we aren’t striving for perfection, or we have given up caring that we are not going to be perfect. We talked about going to look for the one missing sheep and I mentioned that even if we don’t find the missing sheep, if we don’t try, we aren’t even caring to attempt to find perfection or to be perfect. We are to be like our Heavenly Father who is perfect. If we find our selves comfortable with 99%, soon we will be comfortable with 98%, then 97%, 95%. We will end up more than a few degrees off and it will be too late to correct our path.

I’ve been thinking a lot about home teaching and how horrible of a job we really are doing with it. I myself am doing an unacceptable job, I’m trying and failing miserably. Maybe I need to set my sights higher and try even harder. I need perfection and it is the second thing that we can be perfect at. We have thirty days in a typical month to visit three people. That’s ten days per person just to make one visit to their house. If i can’t do that, I don’t deserve what I have been given already. It also drives me crazy that there are many who have not even been assigned a home teacher or to home teach. We have been diligently working on that as a presidency and I hope to continue pressing forward there.

I was thinking during branch prayer tonight that we as an elders quorum, or at least I, in addition to our individual home teaching assignments, need to reach out to those less actives and inactives and get them back into the fold. Even if we only meet with one extra person each month, we could have an impact. I would hope that we could arrange a time to meet with one person a week. Maybe if we split up the presidency and worked with others we could be looking at three people a week or more. If we could make this a joint effort with the missionary committee, activation and activities, we could increase our attendance and have a greater impact. I’m not sure if we would be better off working together as a presidency or individually with other companions. There could be something to be said to show up with a sister to try and welcome members back as well.

My lesson in Elders quorum was really all over the place. I felt compelled to try to do a question and answer session, but didn’t get any good questions. We then started going through the Joseph Smith manuals, but ended up off track talking about traditions and the marks we were going to leave on our future generations. With the prospects of buying a house, and starting my own home, I have been pondering much on these things lately. I think of dinners, family home evenings, family/household prayers, parties, blessings, music and so many other things that could really make the home mine. Of course, the right companion would help tremendously along that path.

On another note, the branch has started moving things back for the summer. FHE and activities are going to be starting later, so I think I’m going to start scaling back my attendance. I just can’t imagine staying at work till almost 8 in the evening – that’s 12 hours! Maybe once I find a place up in Murrieta I can attend more again.

I also got released as Sunday School President today, so I’m down to only three callings!