Daily Archives: 6/2/2008


I put another offer on a house today. I’m a little afraid almost to actually get this one. It is the floor plan I want, same as Longbranch, with the change that the space of the tandem garage was added to the downstairs bedroom, so it is big and has a nice walk in closet! It would be prefect for renting, and really the room above it would work well too with a private bath and good size walk in closet. I think we have a good chance of getting it, which would be good. I wish it had some of the upgrades: flooring and kitchen. It is pretty much your stock home, but it does come with the faux wood blinds throughout, pretty much what I would put in which will save me some dinero there that I could use towards upgrading the kitchen down the road. I think first step would be putting in tile (there is linoleum) in the kitchen. I’d love to do granite or whatever the next big thing would be as well, but that is all cosmetic and can easily be done down the road. It’s a fair price, it’s just too bad that the extras don’t factor in. The backyard isn’t done at all, so the upside is that I could do what I want with it, if I ever came into a windfall of money that is!

Work was pretty crazy today. I barely got through payroll and some of my email between meetings and looking at this house. I had to go back this afternoon after trying to look at it this morning since we couldn’t get in. We think the previous agent who was there changed the code on the box so no one else could get in to look at the place and make an offer. Of course, that is just speculation.

I came home at a reasonable time this evening instead of going to FHE. I wasn’t sure what time FHE was at, and I didn’t feel like sitting around waiting for something, or nothing, to happen. I was able to get some things cleaned up at home and found some inventory we thought we had lost in the shed when looking through the stuff down there.