Daily Archives: 6/5/2008

Escrow Open

Today was another fairly crazy day. I tried to get caught up on some things in the office today, but didn’t get all that far. At least I finally got to listen to all my voicemails and figure out what was important and had the ability to move on. I got my email cut down and hopefully will be able to get caught up tomorrow if it isn’t too crazy.

I signed docs for the loan today, so this may actually be going forward. Of course, we have to see if they actually come through with a loan and all that, but that is the plan. Alison and I went to dinner and then went and looked at the exterior of the house and neighborhood. We drove around a bit and then I dragged her to institute before taking her back to her car and letting her go home. We had some good talks, I wish we got to hang out more.