Daily Archives: 6/6/2008

Ready to Go

Work went fairly well. It was quiet enough that I was able to get caught up on some stuff. I went and saw Bouse’s house and it looks pretty good. I came home and continued figuring out the finances for this house. It’s such a nightmare, I don’t want to have to deal with it for years to come again!

We do the inspection tomorrow and I’m ready to get moving on some of this other stuff. We are still waiting to get escrow papers and loan approval. The preliminary reports are looking good. Last night I found out talking to a neighbor that the house had been occupied by a couple who divorced and the guy who kept it eventually lost it. It sounds like it was vacant for a few months before they foreclosed on it, and that the owner wasn’t around much which is why not much has been done to the house. He said that it is a great neighborhood and they have had no problems with vandalism and so forth.