Daily Archives: 6/9/2008

The Smoke Signal

As part of my move it or loose it campaign tonight I worked on cleaning out my filing cabinet. I found a bunch of stuff from the smoke signal which I guess was a student newspaper at Potter Jr. High of which I was editor during 7th grade. I don’t remember it at all. I called Larilyn, who was supposedly involved to some extent as well, and she can’t remember anything about it either. I remember most of the people who were involved in the paper, with the exception of one: Kristin Cubel. The name sounds so familiar, yet I just can’t remember her. It looks like she wasn’t there in 8th grade, so she must have moved away and that is contributing to why I can’t remember her.

I keep having this struggle over what is worth moving and holding on to throughout my life and what should just be thrown away now. Things like those student newspapers could be fun a few years down the road, but is there any purpose to having them beyond then? Is it worth actually moving and storing them or should I just let them go?

I was looking at pianos online tonight. Larilyn thinks I should just get the Costco special, without the player for something like $8k. The problem is, I started drooling over a Steinway Parlor Room model which is probably closer to $20k. I think I’d also like to get the player to provide some music when there aren’t people there to play the piano, but at $25k we’re talking a pretty penny. I guess it never hurts to have dreams!

Work was pretty quiet today. I could have used a bit more activity since I was there all alone. I think I was able to keep myself out of trouble though.