Daily Archives: 6/11/2008

Cleaning Files

I’ve been spending time cleaning up each night, or at least as I have been able. Sometimes it amazes me the things that we save. Obviously at the time it made sense, and I would probably have done it again, it’s just that I should have come back years ago and thrown away the tissue paper order forms for float a handful of years ago. I probably also didn’t need the class competition standings or all the raw calendar information for 2004-2005 and other years.

I was looking through a file of stuff from BYU-Idaho at one point tonight. It seems that the story I’ve been telling doesn’t quite match with the dates on the letters I have and it really wasn’t just before the semester was going to start. There was probably ample time for me to get things in order and move to Idaho. At the time it must have seemed like it was next week; maybe I had just registered for classes or something at CSUF.

Not to play the what if game, but of course this lead me to pondering (not that I don’t do this too often already) how things would be totally different in my life if I had gone there. I doubt CBC would still be in existence. I’d probably be married and have kids by now! How scary is that? I probably would have continued in IT or accounting and not be out here on my own doing whatever the random task of the day is. I’m not saying I would have rather done that, just pondering how the smallest decisions in life can have such huge consequences.

I’ve been stressing myself out lately over choosing a refrigerator, washer and dryer. I thought I had it all figured out from Consumer Reports and then I went into Pacific Sales. They didn’t sell Samsung, so i started looking at other refrigerators and then the guy turned me onto this washer and dryer combo that costs more than what I was going in there thinking of buying. Some of the features (and the ratings) are good. Is it worth the extra money though? Then there is the problem of what will really fit in the laundry room. Some things sound great on paper, but yet I wonder how they would really function in the available space.

Oh, I went to WinCo tonight to pickup some milk on my way home. I had an idea since they took over the old Costco building that it wasn’t going to be your typical grocery store. It’s pretty much a cross between Costco and a grocery store and probably not my first choice of somewhere to shop. They probably have some good deals, I’m just not that good of a comparison shopper to know. The milk was priced weird. Most places are more of a 2 for the price of 1 deal, while Winco seemed to just have a lower price per gallon and no incentive to buy the second one. P.S. They don’t take credit cards, so I had to actually use some of that cash I collect and never use to pay the $6 bill for bread and milk.