Daily Archives: 6/17/2008

Lauren’s Shopping Carts

Now, in big news of the day: Lauren went grocery shopping!

OK, actually she has this analogy of shopping carts to people, check it out:

Steimle ♥’s Wright.: Aren’t We All?

I just have one question: which kind of shopping cart am I?

Further, do we reject people because they look funny just like we do shopping carts? Or my favorite that I am guilty of is rejecting something because it has a piece of trash or something left in it. It’s dirty, it can’t be a good cart. After the search for a great looking cart, do we find that there is something wrong beneath the surface – like a squeaky or dumb wheel? We did it to our-self though I guess. The “dirty” cart probably was in perfect condition and all it would have taken was for me to throw away the flier that was left inside.

On that last matter though… Have you ever considered how dirty a shopping cart really is? I mean, do they ever get cleaned or sanitized? Let’s track this a bit farther. I touch the cart which has never been cleaned (we won’t even examine where it has been), then pick something up and put it in the cart. When I’m done shopping, I push the cart to my car and unload everything. I then get in my car. I’ve now touched many parts of my car as well as all the boxes of stuff I just bought and they are all contaminated.


I understand that we actually opened escrow today. I wonder if anyone else has ever had their loan approval held up by escrow instead of having escrow held up by loan approval. I guess on the plus side we will be ready on our side to close escrow this week although I’m sure the bank isn’t even going to make their own deadline. The listing agent seemed to hint that the bank wasn’t going to take our request for allowances to make repairs as they house is listed and will be sold in as is condition. I’m not questioning that, I’m simply asking – or rather telling – them that we are reducing the price we offered by the dollar amount it is going to cost to make the necessary repairs. They would be stupid not to take the offer as I’m sure it has already cost them that much in time. I would seriously consider walking away from the house if they don’t accept out allowances and just wait for another one to come along. I guess that is the joy of not being under a deadline.

I got a message tonight from Travis (B / Mr. B) who said he quit his job, is renting his house and moving to South Carolina! I don’t know where that came from or what the story is as I was never able to get a response to my response. Maybe his wife is getting transferred or one of them got a new job. It’s crazy how life can change in a matter of a few minutes.

I didn’t accomplish much this evening as I was pretty much exhausted still. As a matter of fact, it’s barely after nine and I’ve been ready for bed for about an hour. Maybe by getting to sleep early I will finally get the rest I need and can get back to work.