Daily Archives: 6/23/2008

Closing Escrow This Week?

I had a couple late nights, so I’m behind on writing here. The rodeo went well as far as our part went. It could have been about forty degrees cooler and we could have probably done with a bit less dust. The artists all seemed to like working with us. There wasn’t anywhere near the number of people they were expecting. There were hundreds max for Josh Gracin instead of the thousands they were expecting. There were even fewer there Saturday for Jason Meadows after the wind kicked up to point where it was even trying to pick up the stage van. The ended up canceling Sunday’s music all together, so that meant our guys got to get out Saturday night instead of having to suffer through another day in the heat.

Today was pretty boring in the office other than the delivery of old Nextel iden equipment to be scrapped by another business in our complex. It was pretty crazy seeing some of that stuff that we knew cost a lot of money just go to waste, but I guess there isn’t much use for it anymore. They had everything from racks to antennas and everything in between.

I got word this morning that there is some possibility of closing escrow this week! While I can’t believe that we would actually close that quickly, it got me worried into thinking about all thing things that need to be done and I only have a few days to get going. I spent the evening cleaning my room and packing files. I threw away a bunch of stuff, some of which had just been waiting for that alloted amount of time before it was permissible to throw it away and others which had just been collecting for a while. Hopefully we can get a better answer as to when things are going to be done in escrow land and then I can go order and schedule delivery for my appliances. I’m probably going to have to take a whole week off just to deal with all the things that need to be done to the house and moving.

Nextel Cell Site Scraps, $3/lb

All of this stuff is going to be sold at scrap for about $3/lb. If you’re interested in some equipment racks or other cell site equipment (maybe useful for antenna stuff for ham radio and others), come and get it!