Daily Archives: 7/9/2008

Just in Time

The gas came just in time! The cold shower this morning just about sent me into shock. I’m glad that I won’t have to deal with that again any time soon, hopefully. The gas company came out this afternoon and hooked up me up. I immediately started a load of laundry so I can actually have my bed fully dressed and then got all the other little things going. It was so nice to be able to cook tonight, I had to invite people over just to celebrate! Bouse, Leah, Lilly, Pyro and Batch came to eat dinner and hang out for a while. We made chicken fettucine and such. It was quite good for the first meal in the new house. I’ve got to get used to cooking with gas though.

It was really nice having somewhere to eat the food and somewhere to relax. Nathaniel and I tried to watch Kyle XY after everyone else left, but it turns out the disc which I have been sitting on for over a month was cracked and wouldn’t play, so that plan was ruined. It was probably a good thing anyway, cause now I’m getting to bed early which will help make up for being up late last night.

It looks like I might actually have to work a full day tomorrow. I have no excuses to get me out early, so i guess I’d better be ready for it. I am looking forward to being able to leave work at a normal time and come home to eat dinner and whatever before institute and not having to drive around with no where to go!