Daily Archives: 7/11/2008

Good Crazy Day

I had a pretty good day today. It got a little crazy at points, but it was nice. I was busy most of the morning in the office, which is always so much nicer than looking through my to do list for something that I don’t really want to do. I spent the afternoon out and about and then went home to Fallbrook to go through some things there. I only stayed about an hour after filling a box and grabbing some other things before coming back up.

Alison and I met for dinner at Claim Jumper and then came back to my house to watch Vantage Point. She had turned me onto the movie back when it was in theaters. We didn’t make it out to see it, so when I saw it was coming in the mail today, I invited her over to watch it.

I went to the post office today and requested for them to come rekey my mailbox lock. They are supposed to do it on Monday, so I can then start working on changing my address and such so that the mail actually comes here instead of going to Fallbrook or work (where Netflix is going now).

I don’t think I have any plans as of yet for tomorrow, so I’ll just have to see what it brings. I have a feeling that I will spend most of the day doing housekeeping chores and may have to cruise to the office to get my next movie from Netflix which should be coming.

I need to set a date for the housewarming party. Any suggestions?