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Celebrate National Cheesecake Day with $1.50 Cheesecake!

Celebrate National Cheesecake Day with $1.50 Cheesecake!

From the Cheesecake Factory:

In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, on Wednesday, July 30th, The Cheesecake Factory will offer every delicious slice of our more than 30 varieties of cheesecake for 1.50 per slice to dine-in guests (limit one per guest) – just like we did when we opened our first restaurant back in 1978!

It’s no coincidence that Wednesday, July 30th, also happens to be National Cheesecake Day. After all, what better time to enjoy the cheesecake you absolutely love!

As you know, sharing is part of the fun at The Cheesecake Factory so feel free to share the news about this special offer with your friends.

So, come celebrate with us on National Cheesecake Day. And, stay tuned for more news about our 30th Anniversary Celebration!

I’m sure all the local Cheesecake Factories are going to be a zoo tomorrow. I already have dinner plans or else I might have to consider making a run for it. Maybe we’ll go for lunch though… 🙂

Sprinklers, Grass and an Earthquake!

Everyone was back in the office today, although it was pretty quiet down at my end. I was able to spend some time catching up on things and pressing forward I guess. I’m trying to wrap my hands around some of the new PR things we are looking at doing and getting myself motivated for them.

I came home and started trying to clean up the front yard. Once I got some more trash out of it – it seems to collect it with the high weeds, I mowed and then manually tried to take out the weeds, either by hand or by hoe. That only lasted so long, but I got the big ones taken care of, root and all. I then decided to try and aerate the ground. Some spots are hard as rock though and I don’t know how well it worked. I used a mix of tools with the varying soil. I clearly need to eventually plan on flattening the front yard and filling it with soil – and of course probably starting over with the grass. Maybe I can start a compost pile and slowly bring dirt to the front without completely covering the grass.

In any event, I started running the sprinklers to check for runoff and after a few minutes I realized that where one of my sprinklers probably should have been, I couldn’t find anything. After pulling grass (it is really think in this corner – which I now know why), then digging and digging some more, I finally found the sprinkler. Surprisingly, it just wasn’t screwed in to the pipe! I got that back together and it seems that I only have a bit of water getting sprayed onto the sidewalk which may turn into runoff, I’ll have to check in the morning. In any event, I’ve got some seed out there now and just have to hope that I’ll get some grass growing soon. It actually has been nice weather lately since it hasn’t been too incredibly hot, maybe I’ll have a chance.

Matt’s birthday part was tonight at Pat & Oscar’s. It went well and the breadsticks were fairly good this time. Not great, but good. I came home to take care of some more paperwork. I wrote my first mortgage payment, how scary was that! As much fun as having the place to myself is, I think I may need to seriously start looking into renters.

We had a sweet earthquake this morning. It was a 5.something (it was 5.6, then 5.8, then 5.4, I don’t know what it ended up at). I think it lasted 20-25 seconds which was great. The waves were almost on top of each other and there was some good shaking. Tata was scared, while I was just enjoying it. Nothing fell off shelves or any of that, so that is great – and the house seems to have survived as well. I did call to add my earthquake insurance today. Western Mutual didn’t seem to like that, but after I explained that I was offered it as part of my policy they said they would see what they could do. In any event, I wonder what is in store for us down the road. Our office phones were down for outgoing calls for at least an hour. I imagine Verizon’s network was just too overloaded. We started routing our calls out trough the Internet – it’s great to have voip, while inbound calls worked fine. Verizon’s cellular network seemed to be crowded as well, although my Sprint phone allowed me to make calls. I guess it just shows that there is a reason for ham radio after all!

Thanks Dave » Spam Karma goes GPL

I was both saddened and excited to find out today that Spam Karma is going open source. I would first off like to thank Dave for this amazing software which has worked oh so well for so many years with WordPress.

Dave’s Blog » Blog Archive » Spam Karma goes GPL

I do feel his frustrations with WordPress and wish sometimes that it would go back to the simpler days when things just worked. We don’t need all this fancy junk that just bloats the system and slows things down. Alas, when things get popular, they start making them for the masses and the reason that people were drawn to a product in the first place disappears.

Dave, thank you for getting this project started. I completely understand your need to move onto other things at this time.