Who Stole My Remote?

OK, I want to know what happened to my remote control. I can’t find the one for the blu-ray DVD player which makes it nearly impossible to watch a movie. Nathaniel was able to program the remote for the set top box to get the DVD going, but it is missing almost all of the functionality of the full remote. I’m sure it is hiding somewhere and it will show up as soon as I stop looking for it. Maybe that is just a big sign that I need to work on cleaning up the house so I can find my misplaced remote. The funny thing is we all are nearly certain it was on the top of the couch earlier this evening and now we can’t find it at all. What the heck?

Today went fairly well. I started working on the sales tax return which is due tomorrow. There is nothing like the pressure of waiting until the last second to do things like that. I think I have most of the hard work done now and just need to transfer numbers after checking them over to the appropriate form.

I had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. Lauren decided we should make Parmesan Chicken. It turned out good again tonight, although I could have used more spaghetti. I guess for next time now I know that one package that is supposed to serve 8 only serves 6 really at best. After dinner they taught a quick lesson, mainly for pyro and batch. After they left, we watched National Treasure 2. It was pretty good and kept my interest throughout the movie.