We had a great home evening lesson tonight on the scriptures. Alyssa shared how she has been able to better connect with the scriptures on a daily basis and I was just thinking recently how I’m doing my daily reading, but not always getting much out of it. I tend to have a hard time focusing and I think I need to spend more time pondering after reading. Maybe if I wasn’t so rushed to get the reading done and get on with the morning it would go better. Alyssa said that she started underlining different parts in different colors. I’ve never been one much for marking things in the scriptures, but maybe I need to try this out and see what I can learn. Maybe I just need to go back to writing about what I read like I was doing at BYUI.

I worked a full day today, and didn’t even leave the office till almost 5:30. We got wrapped up in meetings and such at the end of my day. Things were kind of slow, but good. I tried to spend some time clearing out some things that had been sitting around and finding my desk again. I need to get ready to take on the extra load from Tara being gone when she leaves for Boston on Wednesday.

I got some more entries into familysearch tonight after getting through the mail and other junk. I emailed my dad to see what info he already has so I don’t spend time trying to duplicate work that has already been done. It sounds like a lot of the stuff is hard copy, so I may have to make a trip down there to see what I can find.

I talked with Geoff tonight briefly about moving in. It sounds like he is really just looking for a quiet place to crash which is what I’m looking for as well! I need to ponder on it and come up with the house rules so we are all set from the get go and get him moving in.

Well, I think I’m going to try and get some sleep early here so maybe I can get up on time tomorrow and not be so rushed for my scripture reading. Good night to all!