Daily Archives: 8/8/2008

Inputting Family History

I made it down to Fallbrook tonight for dinner, tritip of course. It actually worked out well because I wanted to get down to Fallbrook to take a look at the genealogy files he had and get started on some family history work. I started getting things inputed while I was there and then came home and kept going. I was able to get one of the lines back to early 1800s mostly from information my dad had already collected. The real work will begin here once I get through the info that he has and actually have to get going.

I was really interested to see that one of my ancestors had like 12 children, three of which died at a young age. Three of them were with his first wife and the other nine with the second. It was also crazy what information I could find in family search and then how there seemed to be gaps or many duplicates of the same person. I’m sure by Sunday I’ll have lots of real work for Sister Dowden. I was also impressed to see some of the temple work had already been done, so that is great.