Daily Archives: 8/10/2008

Going Great

I have so much to write about, but I so need to get some sleep. Lauren came over last night which was great. I miss that girl.

Alysa’s baptism went well last night. The spirit was really strong and I’m glad I could attend.

Church and meetings went well today. Home teaching went terrific.

I got to talk with Allison yesterday afternoon which was great. She sent an email saying she was in So Cal and she wanted to meet up. I called right after I got the email, but it didn’t sound like they had time in their schedule to actually meet up. I asked her to plan better next time and plan on spending the night or something here.

I’ve been working on family history like crazy – pretty much all day yesterday and some of it is actually starting to make sense. I have to find documents for everything as what I have so far is just what other people have written down or what someone else had already done.