Daily Archives: 8/12/2008

What’s your personal paper cut?

Larilyn poses this question here about the things that someone would have to essentially get over in order to deal with us.

I’m a freak and you’re a freak with me: What’s your personal paper cut?

I don’t think you can have something that someone has to overcome alone. I think it has to be in pairs. For example with Michelle, if someone loved BYU Cougars as much as she does, that wouldn’t be something to overcome. It wouldn’t be the papercut.

See, Edgar had the problem, although I guess that would be with anyone, but maybe there was only one he was willing to face the problem for and he would give in to the others. I think searching for something that someone is going to have to get over isn’t going to help because it will be different depending on who that other person is.

Does that make any sense?

College Road Trip

I’m kind of enjoying doing Tara’s job at work lately. It’s fun to have little projects that I have to research out constantly to find out where this order is or what is holding this up and so forth. I don’t think I’ve done any of my work though lately, so I definitely see the need for her to return at once.

I had a nice quiet evening at home tonight. Nobody came over and I just sat and watched a movie. I chose College Road Trip since it seemed like the one that no one else was interested in watching. I enjoyed it and enjoyed pondering the days of raising children and how hard it is going to be to let them go probably. It is going to be interesting raising kids and trying to incorporate all these LDS activities and so forth that I know nothing whatsoever about. I’ve never held an FHE for my family. We came close at BYUI, but it won’t be the same. I’ve never gone to seminary, so I don’t know what it will be like. What the heck is mutual and all these other random things? What if my kids don’t want to go to BYUI where I’m presumably going to want to send them? That will be far away, but I know they will be safe and be nurtured there. After being raised in an LDS family, are they going to want to rebel and go to some party school? Am I going to be disappointed when they don’t want to go to school or don’t do anything with their schooling?

Man, I’d better stop pondering this before it gets really crazy. And, since this morning went so great with being up a few minutes earlier than normal, I’m hoping to get to sleep and be able to do the same tomorrow.

P.S. It is beautiful outside. I got downstairs down to 73 before closing the windows. It might even be a tad bit chilly in the morning which will be great!