School Traffic

I’m not sure I really like the idea of the kids going back to school. It seemed that there was a lot more traffic on Whitewood this morning, before I left the house. It was really the noise that was getting to me, maybe the wind was just blowing this direction or something. I did see a bit more traffic on Whitewood than normal, but it wasn’t the first time I had to sit through an extra turn at the intersection of MHS.

Work went well today. I was busy most of the day just trying to stay on top of things while Tara is gone. I found myself getting pretty impatient trying to get tracking numbers for things that should have shipped days ago and I probably enjoyed bugging people for tracking information too much. I did get a lot done though and need to work some on my actual job tomorrow and hopefully can keep moving forward there.

I went over to the Rodriguez’s for dinner and crashed their party with the Dunagan’s. As always, that ended up with doing something technical, in which case we ran a ethernet cable and then I started working on setting up computers for networking. Of course, one is xp home and the other is xp pro, so they don’t want to talk and I have to deal with tons of software getting in the way. Oh, there was also the router from Verizon FIOS that was resolving the name of one of the computers to an ip address that it was no longer at. I don’t think the second router was helping that problem and probably needs to go so we don’t have any further problems down the road. I still need to finish up the printer sharing which will involve making home and pro play nice together.