Daily Archives: 8/18/2008

A Laundry End to a Boring Work Day

Today seemed like a long day at work. I miss doing Tara’s job, it is so much more fun than my own. I did start to get my desk cleaned up a bit, which was good and am starting to catch up on my email. It was just a boring day though.

I came home and got started with laundry. Batch came over and we made spaghetti and meatballs and then watched The Illusionist. I had watched about half of it Saturday night before watching videos of Natalie Wiess. I must admit I was a bit busy text messaging and not paying too much attention to the movie the first time around either. I was really impressed with the movie tonight though and was not expecting the end at all. There isn’t much to say that wouldn’t ruin the movie, let’s just say I was happy that I couldn’t see the ending from the beginning.