Daily Archives: 8/25/2008

Busy Monday

Work was pretty busy today and I didn’t make it over to the Dowden’s tonight. I called Diana on my way home and left her a message which she didn’t get until 8:30 at which point Lauren was already here. I enjoyed catching up on some blog reading and made a good number of comments out there. I don’t really have much to report though for today, so I think I’m going to sign off and get to sleep! Hopefully Shelly doesn’t try to wake me up at 4:30 again.

Dotting the Map » Cell Phone Usage on Commercial Airlines Banned For Good- For Now

I second your thoughts Hilarye. It is bad enough to get stuck between two large men on a flight in the middle seat. Can you imagine if they were both talking on the phone the whole time, or if the whole flight was? I imagine that just text messaging would be bad enough since most people can’t figure out how to actually put their phones in silent.

Dotting the Map » Blog Archive » Cell Phone Usage on Commercial Airlines Banned For Good- For Now

I just have one question. Why is it that people can’t seem to control their volume when they are talking on the phone? I for one don’t want the whole world being part of my conversations typically, but I know lots of people that always get loud when they get on the phone. Is it cause we can’t see the person that we think we have to talk louder?