Daily Archives: 8/29/2008

Ready for the Weekend

I nearly didn’t go to work this morning. I don’t know if it was just cause I got to sleep too late last night, ate too much, have just been exhausted or what. I just didn’t feel very good. I thought maybe I could work from home for a few hours this morning, covering phones and working on stuff and then take the afternoon off before working an install tonight. Then I thought that I should just go in and come home at lunch. It’s a good thing I went in as I was busy almost all of the day. I didn’t get to leave early, and in fact, I ended up leaving late, even with the install tonight.

The install went well and it was kid of fun to get out and do stuff like that. It would have been better had I not already worked 60 hours this week, but I probably should try and get out with the guys more often to get a better sense of what is going on. We just installed a few speakers and a 37″ LCD, it really wasn’t much work. We should try and get more of those jobs and keep getting around.

I came home and then Alison came over shortly thereafter. We made pasta and finally ate dinner around 10:15. No wonder I’m not feeling well, I’m eating at all the wrong times!

I’m not sure what this weekend has in store, but I’m looking forward to it. Even building cleanup tomorrow morning. I’m thinking about riding my bike over there.

Keep760.org: Let’s Keep Area Code 760!

Doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego or not, this will impact you if you know someone with a 760 area code.

In this day and age, area codes mean nothing to most people. We have our numbers stored in cell phones, address books and websites everywhere. It makes no sense to make everyone change their contact information for everything and continue to have to go through this pain.

Let’s keep our lives mobile and just get a new area code for new devices using an overlay.

Keep760.org: Let’s Keep Area Code 760!

Bug our officials to keep the area code, or get ready to change my phone number in all of your devices…

Great Night at the Temple

I went to the temple tonight with Sister Dowden. Todd, Larilyn, Kenny and his friend from the Menifee Stake, Lorraine, joined us. We had a great time and learned a lot. We ended up doing sealings instead of a session because it was jam packed and we had almost a large enough group to do it. We were able to get one more brother to help us and so we got started.

Work was pretty crazy, although I was able to find a little bit of time to work on some social marketing.