Daily Archives: 8/30/2008

Cleaning Saturday

Another Saturday spent cleaning. I barely made it to building cleanup this morning and then came home and continued. It seemed like laundry took all day even though it was only the normal three loads. I think they were just larger than normal so it took longer to fold and put away.

I ended up making snickerdoodles for Krystal tonight. I figured she might appreciate them more than a not so perfect picture or something and it was a little more personal than a gift card. I was only able to stay a little while at her surprise party as I already had plans with Lauren & Batch. I was there for the surprise though – and got a good picture, so I guess I should be happy with that.

We watched Mission Impossible III tonight. It was interesting, but certainly not great.

I have a feeling that 6 am priesthood meeting is going to come really early tomorrow morning.

Little Into Big

So which is better: A lot of little things or one big thing?

Steimle ♥’s Wright.: Little Into Big

The way I see it, we’re better off to have a lot of little things that make us happy as we will get to experience them more often than a big thing that only comes through randomly. If we are always looking forward to the next amazing trip and not appreciating all we have around us constantly, we’re going to spend too much time waiting for the future and not enough time enjoying the present.

Enjoy the present and all the little things each and every day. I’m reminded of the song Simple Miracles by Emerson Drive. Emerson Drive - What If? - Simple Miracles Look around you and see what God has given us.

WordPress Automatic upgrade

I haven’t tried this, but it looks like it would save a lot of work. I would always suggest downloading a full backup of your site – or ensuring that there is one on your server before doing any upgrade, especially if it is being done automatically.

That being said, with the rate of updates to wordpress these days, we need something like this to eliminate some of the steps.

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