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First Day

Yesterday seems like it was so far away now. I didn’t get to sleep early like I was hoping to last night. I totally felt like I was getting ready for my first day of school. I kept finding things that I needed to do or things that needed to be prepared. I also really wanted to watch the first episode of Knight Rider, so I did that which kept me downstairs until 9:30 or so with everything else I kept finding to do.

Things were great this morning. I got to see all the secret rooms of the temple, except for engineering and the roof access. I think engineering was the one place I really wanted to go. Maybe I can apply for a job there.

I was pretty tired by the time I got to work today. We did accomplish one major thing and that was spending lots of my money so I can go to Maui in November. Now we’ve got the first trip, so we can buy in additional ones or figure out something else.

I think I’m going to cut out early tonight and hopefully catch up on some sleep from my restless night last night.

Long Letter

I came home at 9 o’clock tonight with one goal before going to bed, to write to Tara. It is now almost 11 and I think that is all I did tonight. I guess I turned on the TV to setup recording of General Conference next weekend and I must admit to watching the first two minutes of Knight Rider on InDemand as well as setting up a recording for that. Other than that, I think I was writing to Tara for about an hour which seems crazy. I didn’t write her a novel or anything. I think it was just going through the pictures and commenting on each of them which took the time.

It seemed like we had a really good fast and testimony meeting today. Tara (Tata) got up and spoke, giving her thanks to the branch and expressing her appreciation to have the priesthood in her home now. I’m really glad that her and Tim having been coming back and hope that they can remain strong. Krystal’s was good too along with many others.
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Bee Movie

I was able to get a little bit of relaxation in today. I did a small amount of cleaning this morning and then watched Fringe. I got the joy of working a wedding today at GT. I got to see and talk with Sean who I haven’t seen in a while, so that was cool, and the wedding was pretty easy.

After the wedding, I enjoyed some more peaceful time at home. Lauren was supposed to come over, but I never heard from her. I’m sure she fell asleep again or something along those lines.

I got some pictures printed at Costco today as well. It was really for Tara, who I have been promising pictures to for months now. It also gave me an excuse to fill a frame I bought the other day and order some others which may someday make it into a frame and help me fill the walls of this house.

I watched Bee Movie tonight. It was fairly entertaining, but nothing too special. I liked that they learned what a contribution to society they are. It makes me think about all the things that we complain about or that we want to fix. If things were different, would the grass really be greener? We hate ants, yet without them we would have a trash problem. They clean up a lot of things that we leave behind. Even in our houses they help us to keep clean as we don’t want to have to deal with them. It really is a huge circle we have here. If one part of the circle stops doing it’s job, we’ll all have some big problems on our hands.

24 Hours in the Temple

I did another twelve hours in the temple today. That makes 24 for this week which is definitely more than I have ever done before. I think it’s double my previous high. It was really tempting at 3:30 this morning to sleep in and go down with the Dowden’s. I totally had it rationalized, yet in the end I realized that was two more people that I could serve today and that I had already made the commitment to be there all day Friday.

Things went pretty well and I almost went in for veil worker training, but decided to hit another session instead. I was supposed to be meeting the Dowden’s in the session, although they were too late for the 10 o’clock session. I should have done the training so I could be more ready to go for Tuesday.

Baptisms went well this afternoon. We had enough brothers to do everything we needed and we got through all of the names we had prepared for Sister Mattson. it really felt good. All I did was record confirmations the entire time, but it was sure nice to see the work being done.

We went to Claim Jumper after the temple and got the usual, almost. Sister Dowden and Mandi made me get the calzone the normal way. I ended up having to run to make it to this meeting Krystal had set up tonight with a company she is working with now to try and make some money. I’ll have to do some looking in the morning to see if it is worth pursuing.

Chase Acquires WaMu through FDIC Sale

This shouldn’t impact customers of Washington Mutual greatly, but is news we should know about either way.

Washington Mutual is seized to avert failure – Salt Lake Tribune

I guess this solves the issue of Chase getting branches in California. Too bad I’m not a huge fan of Chase. I guess it’s time to start looking for a new bank for the business. Oh wait, I’ve already been doing that. Maybe I’ll close my $94 personal account at WaMu, I mean Chase, now.

Red Heifer

We had a great institute lesson tonight, as we always do. We talked about the red heifer in Numbers 19 for the most part. I really liked how we compared ourselves to the Jews and exploring how much we really are Jews with just a bit more truth and authority.

I had this massive headache this afternoon at the office and had to just come home and take a nap. I was going to go shopping with the girls tonight, but by the time I got to the point where I felt like I could go out again there wasn’t enough time to make it worthwhile. And, I’m not sure that I was ready for all that energy with my head still hurting. I’m sure it has had something to do with my weird sleep schedule this week and I think I’ve been getting a cold or fighting one off.
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Calling for Yes on Prop 8

I’m not exactly thrilled with how hot it was today. We were only one degree away from hitting 100! I guess I was just enjoying the cooler weather too much. Fortunately, I spent most of the day in the office and didn’t even know how hot it was until I was coming home.

I spent my evening making phone calls for prop 8. I called a bunch of houses in Murrieta to find out how they were planning on voting. Unfortunately, most of the calls went to voicemail Hopefully the messages I left will be well received. It seemed like there was more that expressed a strong vote for Proposition 8 and defending traditional marriage as between a man and a woman. There were some that told me it was none of my business and there were some that we totally for gay marriage. It is probably going to be a close race which is why we need to push so hard on this.

I was talking with Scott tonight about the proposition and other things in general. Again it hit me at how the division in the church over this issue is not good. I completely believe that we need to keep our mind in these things. While we don’t need to blindly follow our prophet, we do need to think if we are sustaining him and if we truly believe he is a Prophet of God. If we can’t follow his counsel on a simple thing like this, how are we going to follow it down the road. Isn’t it possible that he can see where this is going and how major of an impact this “little” definition is going to have on our society? I was talking with one lady tonight on the phone and I wanted to tell her about our Church. I chose to respect the request that we don’t proselyte while working on this. She was on the fence of how to vote and it seemed she didn’t know what could be coming or the direction we have in this matter.

I also see the argument for separation of church and state. This simply isn’t an issue of that though. Marriage has always been defined as between a man and a woman. Yes, it was defined as such in Genesis, long before our country was formed. Our country was formed with the bible in mind and also with freedom of religion. While we have freedom to practice what we please, we don’t have the authority to choose who God will choose to marry. If we want to go down the separation road, it becomes so clear as Sister Dowden pointed out how important this matter is that the Church is willing to stake the Church in this battle.

This has been an interesting week with working Monday, being off on Tuesday and now working two more days before being off again. I think I could get used to it, but I probably shouldn’t. I’m glad things have been so busy in the office, it has helped keep me out of trouble and I certainly haven’t had any time this week to cause any at home.

Five Endowments Later

Wow. Four o’clock came way too early this morning and it was not exactly what I would call fun getting up that early. Nevertheless, I did it and I would have been on time for the six o’clock session if I had recalled that Murrieta is about 15 minutes farther away than Fallbrook is from the San Diego Temple! It worked out though cause I got to hang with Bro Kowallis for the first two sessions, did one by myself and then caught up with the group after lunch and the chapel session.

The five sessions have totally wiped me out though. Or maybe it was getting up at four after going to bed around ten. Either way, I’m barely awake enough and really don’t have the energy enough to type this now.

I did get set apart tonight as the Elders Quorum President, in the temple of all places. That was kind of cool (literally, the room was freezing!) I also get set apart for another calling minutes later. I’ll be serving as an ordinance worker every Tuesday morning now. Looks like I’d better get used to getting up at four – or even earlier! What did I get myself into?

Actually, we had talked about this a long time ago and never got it started for some reason. I’m looking forward to it; I just need to figure out the logistical end of it and break the news to the office folks. I know they’re going to love me!

I was craving a strawberry lemonade as I was leaving the temple. Actually, I was craving one about 10 o’clock this morning. My throat was so dry I could barely stand to be there. I hit up Cheesecake Factory and had some amazing Orange Chicken. I think it was still hot as I devoured the last piece I ate it so fast. I was totally starving. Although, I must admit that the $3 I spent for chicken fried steak at the temple cafeteria today was totally worth it.

More to write, but I need to sleep…

No Disappointment

Thankfully the craziness has not let up and today was no disappointment. I worked a full day and then came home and planted a tree with Brother Lee. We found lots of rocks in the slope in my backyard, so there may be more fun to come as it gets planted further. I do need to work on a landscaping plan so that I at least have a grand scheme even if it is only implemented slowly.

I finished off Head Over Heels tonight. It actually ended pretty well and I enjoyed it. I’m sending two movies back tomorrow – if I remember to hit up the mailbox. Netflix won’t know what to do with me! I think there are only 10 movies in my queue as well, so I’ll be down 20% with two movies coming back to me!

It looks like I’m going to the temple tomorrow morning. Four o’clock is going to come way too fast. I have some things that could be done at work tomorrow, but I guess this is where the sacrifice really comes in. Actually, i think the being at the temple at Six in the morning is the sacrifice! If anyone wants to join me, you’d better be at my house really early in the morning or plan on meeting me there!

Being Pulled

It was weird not having meetings this morning before church. I enjoyed some leisurely time at home and even made pancakes for breakfast this morning. I did go to church and put in close to two hours on home teaching. It is so nice now that we have the shepards in MLS so I can actually assign them to companionships instead of having to remember who goes where and hand writing them in. Now I just need to work on fixing the half-companinoships we have now and then figure out who else isn’t being home taught. Oh yeah, I need to call and see who is actually doing home teaching as well. I think we need to revamp this district thing and get some more people involved so we all have a smaller number of people to call, which would hopefully allow us to check in on them more frequently.

Church went well and so did Mehgan’s baptism. Both the talk from the high councilman and our lesson in elders quorum were about the plan of salvation. I wonder if that was planned on our part or just seemed to happen. In any event, it was pretty good and I enjoyed it. I never made it to Sunday School, i was too busy being pulled in different directions and getting things ready for the next hour. Maybe if we switched the hours I could actually attend Sunday School as well. It was great to see President & Sister Mattson at the baptism; I really miss them!
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Beautiful Day for a Bicycle Ride

Beautiful Day for a Bicycle Ride

I must start off by saying how beautiful it was today! It was almost 90 yesterday and yet the high today was 78. It was 68 at 6 o’clock this afternoon when I was debating about turning on the AC. Had I known it wasn’t going to get above 78, I probably never would have closed the windows. We are currently 7 degrees below normal – It’s 54 outside at 11 at night. I think it is going to be a beautiful night and I’m going to sleep quite well. It was 69 downstairs when I closed the windows!

I went for a bikeride this morning for the first time since I moved here. I think it had been a while before then as well. It was really good, although I probably pushed myself a little harder than I should have. It is totally different riding around here, it’s so flat! I’m not used to pedaling on flat ground for so long. In Fallbrook you get breaks all the time. Yeah, you work hard to get up a hill, but then you get to rest as you come down the other side. I went down to Harveston to drop my speedlight off at Kristin’s and then went by the office. I did some exploring around there, were I found these random markings behind the industrial buildings on the other side of the street. Actually, it was just to the side of New Life Church. I found a little passageway from one side to the other, so I guess we have less of chance of being stranded with one way in. I took some dirt roads up through French Valley Airport and from there to Los Alamos and brought it all the way back to Whitewood. I had always thought it was a dirt road, but the whole thing was paved as far as I could tell. It wasn’t in the best of shape and it is certainly not designed to be a major road, but paved nonetheless.
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Fallbrook has Changed

I came home completely exhausted tonight and then managed to stay awake till after midnight watching movies! I guess part of it is that Tyson was coming over cause he needed a place to spend the night.

I went to Fallbrook today for a wedding. The place had totally changed since I was there a month ago. The lights at 395 & Mission are working now. That new office building in town looks complete and the Walgreens or whatever they are building is actually a building now. They still have a lot of work to do, but the fact that there is a building there shocked me.

We wanted the Golden Compass (Frank & Sabrina brought it) tonight as well as the first half of Head Over Heels. Golden Compass was weird and I didn’t follow a lot of the movie, I probably wouldn’t watch it again, although it did keep my interest and me awake which is saying a lot for a movie that didn’t get started until 10 o’clock. Head Over Heels looked good and I’m looking forward to finishing it soon with or without Megan. I decided to start it without her tonight as I was tired of it sitting here and me waiting to watch movies with people.

I think that’s about it for tonight since it is so late. I have to be up in 7 hours to pray. I think I’m going to go for a ride in the morning if anyone wants to join me. Probably just a short ride to the office and back to see how long it takes and what kind of a workout it is. Maybe I’ll spend some time exploring as well.

New Gas Pumps at Costco

New Gas Pumps at Costco

Breakfast went well at Bear Creek this morning. I’d continue to attend. Things were crazy in the office getting ready for shows, breaking things like a DC-One trying to do a software update, etc. Then I left early to meet Verizon again today. Of course, today when we have a 3 o’clock appointment, they don’t show or call till after 5. We got the box swapped out and still didn’t have audio on the hdmi. I changed ports on the receiver and there it was. Is it possible that the software update did something to kill my hdmi port? I guess I’ll have to call Sony sometime and see what the heck is going on there. I do remember testing another port though, so that’s where I’m kind of confused as to why it isn’t working now.

I was pretty lazy tonight/this afternoon. I just plopped down on the couch and watched TV most of the time I was home, other than the hour or so I worked upstairs.

Institute was good tonight as always. I didn’t bring my laptop in and Brock told me I had high priest scriptures when I brought in my large print.

I stopped at Costco this morning to get gas as I was almost to the point of having to run on batteries. They totally changed out the pumps and they aren’t just new, but have been redesigned to look new/sleek. It was very confusing, although it seemed much faster than the previous pumps they had.

Broken Set Top Box

After spending close to an hour on the phone with Verizon this week, I supposedly had an appointment for 1 p.m. today for them to bring me out a new set top box. I was told they were going to call before coming, and I believe I gave them my office number. Home and office are very similar so maybe I got confused. Nonetheless, they called at 11 this morning and showed up at 11:35. Well hello, of course I wasn’t home!

I called the tech directly and he never called me back. I called Verizon again and they have again scheduled someone to come out tomorrow afternoon. I explained that I couldn’t keep taking time off work to sit and wait for nothing to happen. They apparently put notes on the ticket for them to bring the box to me at work or make other arrangements. We’ll see how it goes.

Brother Kowallis and Boaz came over to give a little missionary discussion. They’ve encouraged me to find those who may be ready to learn the truth. Anyone interested out there?

It’s not exactly cool, but I got this crazy idea to open the windows after the sun went down. The house has cooled off a bit – from 81 to 79 upstairs and 77 downstairs. Hopefully I will still be able to get to sleep and not end up closing all the windows in an hour when I’m still laying here awake cause it is too hot. I think I need to get back into investigating the whole house fan situation again so I could suck that cooler air in and cool the house off faster. We still seem to be tracking about 10 degrees above outside, I’m hoping the house fan could bring that down to within 5 degrees or maybe even closer. Maybe when I have some money I can get one and find out for myself.

I’ve been home since 2 something this afternoon. It’s been kind of nice. I was expecting Lauren to come over so we could cause some trouble, but she didn’t show. I’m having problems with my set top box power cycling randomly, so watching TV is kind of hard and none of the movies I had were short enough to let me plan on getting in bed at 10 o’clock. So I had a relaxing evening listening to music and catching up on blog reading.

Now it’s time for sleep so I can hopefully get up on time tomorrow for once since I’m planning to be at a breakfast at 7:30.