Saved by Wicked

Work was a bit crazy again today and I loved it. Things have been so busy lately it has been awesome. I had a good meeting this morning and continued the craziness. I finally got my email tamed near the end of the day. I use the word tamed because there is quite a bit that I still need to deal with, but I at least got everything marked as read and hopefully have dealt with all the urgent items.

As I was checking Facebook this afternoon I started talking with Krystal. Somehow or other we got to talking about Wicked along with me being killed for the pictures I had posted. Maybe I was just trying to stay out of one kind of trouble by getting into another. In any event, she sounded really excited and we are going next Wednesday. I guess that answers the question of if I’m going to go and see it again before it leaves the Pantages. I hope this means I will live at least until next Thursday.

I enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home. I talked with Geoff for a while before finishing the plans with Krystal and then finishing off dinner and watching RV. I wasn’t too impressed with RV and was hoping it was going to be funnier than it ended up being. It was decent (2/5), just not anything extra special.