Elders Quorum President

Elders Quorum President

As expected, I was called as Elders Quorum President today. I feel so inadequate for this calling and am really not ready for the work that is ahead. I had already been pondering this and all the things with which I would need to be worried about directly now. It’s even worse now because I don’t have any counselors and I don’t think we have any teachers! Maybe I can get some of the bug boys to teach lessons and I really need some inspiration on counselors and a secretary.

Zach and I spent a few hours on home teaching assignments this morning. I really need to put another few days into it as there are so many holes to fill. I myself don’t even have a companion and need someone to go home teaching with me tomorrow night. This is probably the worst month to be pushing for 100% home teaching, but I guess when it rains, it pours. Actually, I’m liking the added pressure; I just want to make sure I get my end done so the rest of the quorum has enough time to adequately do their home teaching this month. I guess I need to make calls to everyone to make sure they are up for accepting the assignment.

We had some good discussion on home teaching today in elders quorum. Brother Rider pointed out that we need to know what we are to be doing when we home teach. He said he had a list of four things; I need to get my hands on that list, read it and distribute that information. Knowing what we are to teach is another item. I hope be be able to better motivate and press forward with this work. I know that home teaching is a major part of the gospel and that we should never settle for anything less than 100%. We need to be true friends and supporters of each other.

I’m starting to learn what a prankster President Clegg is going to be. I think we are going to get along just fine. In our branch council this morning after Kim finished giving her relief society report he told her how many good things he has heard about her, etc. He then turns to me, sitting next to her, and says, Scott, I haven’t heard anything good about you. And then continues about taking pictures and something or other. The best part was a few minutes after I finished when Brother Matson knocks on the door and asks for me. I felt like I was getting it from all sides today!

I hosted the CES Fireside in my home today. It was nice having it and we had about the turnout I was expecting. i was hoping for more and I was satisfied with what we got. There was five of us there. Larilyn, Amy Webb and myself from the beginning and then Megan and her cousin Emily showed up part way through. Elder Holland talked about how no matter what we are going through our God has not forgotten us and how we can always learn from our where we are. He compared Liberty Jail to a temple in that the Prophet Joseph Smith was able to learn there. I need to read D&C 121-123 to learn more.

I have a lot to do this week. I really want to go to the temple Tuesday, but am almost thinking that could be my night to work on some things that need to be done. I guess it could be great inspiration and pondering time at the temple though which could help me accomplish the other tasks that need to be done. What a quandary! I do want to find some time and go shopping for Wednesday night. I feel like I want to almost get into costume for the night – or rather go in my green. I’m thinking maybe a Wicked green shirt and tie could go a long way to making me feel like I’m going the extra mile. Maybe Krystal and I can go shopping sometime before Wednesday.

And on that note, it’s time to get the week off to a good start by getting some sleep! I really feel bad that I didn’t write back to Sister Caldwell or Schiess today though! Maybe I can find some time tomorrow night after home teaching.