Figuring It Out

Today was pretty good. I didn’t get all that I was hoping to with home teaching assignments done this morning, but I did clear up a lot of loose ends and worked on finding those that could home teach that have been overlooked. I’ll probably go in and spend some time this week getting some things fixed and hopefully completing many of the companionships. I’m going to try and call everyone individually this week as well to see how they are doing with the challenge.

We talked about switching 2nd and 3rd hours and I don’t think I heard anything against making the switch. I think as people have thought more about it they are liking the idea more as well. I think it would just be good to get everyone to the priesthood and relief society classes in addition to mission prep. Heck, I’d love to check out mission prep, but have never had the opportunity with callings in elders quorum.

I didn’t notice an influx of visitors today and never heard how many we had. I did enjoy the talks by Brooke and Brother Kowallis. I was almost totally sure I was going to get called up to bear my testimony and was overly concerned with thinking of something to say. Somehow I got out of it – I guess because I was preparing for it. That just goes to show that preparation is a good thing.

I went to the Dowden’s after getting things situated with the weekly email and such. After I got home I kept getting calls about home teaching and other things, so I’m thinking this is going to be a busy week. Surprisingly I don’t have much planned so this will hopefully be a mostly quiet week at home or in other people’s homes visiting them. I guess I’d better brush up on the lesson.

I finally got my letters written to the girls tonight. It seems like I was long overdue, although I think it was just a week overdue. Heck, I haven’t even check my mail essentially all week – I could have more letters, although I highly doubt it. I guess that’s why I haven’t checked the mail as that’s about the only thing I ever look forward to receiving! The rest is just junk and bills.