Sizzling Steer, Witless Protection

Today was pretty crazy again in the office. I had to run out for a site survey as well and was there till 5:30 this afternoon and then had to go to FedEx. I guess I’m working on banking up those hours! 🙂

I had dinner tonight with the Rodriguez’s at Sizzling Steer. I had never been there before and it was quite good. I went for the bacon wrapped filets and they were very tender. I may have to go back and try something else soon. Well, not soon, but next time I’m going out I guess. Maybe this can replace Outback on my list since they can’t seem to cook anything correctly!

I haven’t been grocery shopping for weeks. Maybe I will go tomorrow since I will be home early most likely. It looks like Verizon is coming to replace my set top box in the afternoon. They pushed an update to it last week that killed the audio on the HDMi port. They can’t seem to get it functioning again and since I’ve previously had problems with it, I guess they just decided to get a new one out here.

I watched Witless Protection tonight. It was fairly funny. My goal was to get to sleep on time. That doesn’t look like it happened, but maybe I can still be ahead of the game tonight.

That’s about the boringness of my life story today. Sorry it isn’t more interesting, but then again, is it ever?