Beautiful Day for a Bicycle Ride

Beautiful Day for a Bicycle Ride

I must start off by saying how beautiful it was today! It was almost 90 yesterday and yet the high today was 78. It was 68 at 6 o’clock this afternoon when I was debating about turning on the AC. Had I known it wasn’t going to get above 78, I probably never would have closed the windows. We are currently 7 degrees below normal – It’s 54 outside at 11 at night. I think it is going to be a beautiful night and I’m going to sleep quite well. It was 69 downstairs when I closed the windows!

I went for a bikeride this morning for the first time since I moved here. I think it had been a while before then as well. It was really good, although I probably pushed myself a little harder than I should have. It is totally different riding around here, it’s so flat! I’m not used to pedaling on flat ground for so long. In Fallbrook you get breaks all the time. Yeah, you work hard to get up a hill, but then you get to rest as you come down the other side. I went down to Harveston to drop my speedlight off at Kristin’s and then went by the office. I did some exploring around there, were I found these random markings behind the industrial buildings on the other side of the street. Actually, it was just to the side of New Life Church. I found a little passageway from one side to the other, so I guess we have less of chance of being stranded with one way in. I took some dirt roads up through French Valley Airport and from there to Los Alamos and brought it all the way back to Whitewood. I had always thought it was a dirt road, but the whole thing was paved as far as I could tell. It wasn’t in the best of shape and it is certainly not designed to be a major road, but paved nonetheless.

I’ve been thinking about the feasibility of riding my bike to work now that I live so close instead of driving. Aside from the issue of the unknown coming up and needing to go do a site survey or something, I’ve wondered how long it would take me to get there and how much of a workout it would be for me. I clearly don’t want to get to work all sweaty and then be smelly all day. It seems doable although I’m not sure which is a shorter/quicker way – the back roads or Whitewood down to MHS. I do think I’d be fine until hitting Sky Canyon as that little hill gets your heart going.

The ride so exhausted me that I’ve essentially been resting since I got home. I made french toast using the same basic recipe as before. This time I made four slices and didn’t let them soak as long. I also used a bit of olive oil since I would have needed 1-1/3 eggs and didn’t feel like doing that. The nutmeg may have been a bit strong, so I might tone that down a bit next time. I spent some time catching up on Google Reader, watched the top 20 countdown on CMT and just hung out. I worked on home teaching a bit, so hopefully tomorrow I can make sense of it on the computer.

Larilyn and Kenny came over tonight and we watched “The Eye.” It was pretty good, although not that scary. It was interesting and definitely makes you have to think twice about organ transplants. I guess you just never know what you’re getting. I was also thinking throughout the movie, if I was blind, would I want to leave the world I knew and join the seeing world? That seems like such a hard change and the same would be true for those that are deaf and others as well. We seeing/hearing people think our way is the way to be, but if you’re happy with what you have, why do we need to conform? Does God desire for us to conform like that or were we give the opportunity to excel in other areas for a reason?

I guess just lots of things to make you think. I’m looking forward to a good night sleep now and hoping I can get back into a riding routine soon.