No Disappointment

Thankfully the craziness has not let up and today was no disappointment. I worked a full day and then came home and planted a tree with Brother Lee. We found lots of rocks in the slope in my backyard, so there may be more fun to come as it gets planted further. I do need to work on a landscaping plan so that I at least have a grand scheme even if it is only implemented slowly.

I finished off Head Over Heels tonight. It actually ended pretty well and I enjoyed it. I’m sending two movies back tomorrow – if I remember to hit up the mailbox. Netflix won’t know what to do with me! I think there are only 10 movies in my queue as well, so I’ll be down 20% with two movies coming back to me!

It looks like I’m going to the temple tomorrow morning. Four o’clock is going to come way too fast. I have some things that could be done at work tomorrow, but I guess this is where the sacrifice really comes in. Actually, i think the being at the temple at Six in the morning is the sacrifice! If anyone wants to join me, you’d better be at my house really early in the morning or plan on meeting me there!