Long Letter

I came home at 9 o’clock tonight with one goal before going to bed, to write to Tara. It is now almost 11 and I think that is all I did tonight. I guess I turned on the TV to setup recording of General Conference next weekend and I must admit to watching the first two minutes of Knight Rider on InDemand as well as setting up a recording for that. Other than that, I think I was writing to Tara for about an hour which seems crazy. I didn’t write her a novel or anything. I think it was just going through the pictures and commenting on each of them which took the time.

It seemed like we had a really good fast and testimony meeting today. Tara (Tata) got up and spoke, giving her thanks to the branch and expressing her appreciation to have the priesthood in her home now. I’m really glad that her and Tim having been coming back and hope that they can remain strong. Krystal’s was good too along with many others.

I felt like I made progress with home teaching assignments today. Even though I didn’t make many changes it seems like things are coming together and I am starting to really get a grasp on what is going on, who is here, etc. Maybe I can even put some time in over the next few weeks that we don’t have regular meetings to get things really tied up for a while.

I had a thought tonight, but now I can’t remember it.