Second Week

My second week as a temple ordinance worker went well. I even got there a bit earlier this week which was cool. I think I did a better job getting to sleep last night which certainly helped with getting up this morning. Maybe it was just cause I didn’t blog!

I decided on Cheesecake for lunch today. The strawberry lemonade sounded really good. Come to think of it, I only drank two though! What’s up with that? I was thinking as I was driving to work if it really makes sense to go into work on Tuesdays. I think the real advantage is that I can get through some of the stuff so i don’t feel like I’m behind when I come in on Wednesday. I could probably do that just as well from home though too. That could let me take my time returning, i.e. I could go shopping (no more Crate & Barrel).

Alison came over and we made dinner. Actually, I was making dinner and then she took over as she didn’t approve of how I was going to make it. That’s fine by me! I watched some Without a Trace and now I’m going to sleep.